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When everything is going smooth?

We are focusing on crucial and most painful areas of travel domain

Forbes Report

Forbes said, “by the year 2025, Operational Risk is going to be the biggest risk any business organization will face”

Fire Fighting Mode

Organizations, these days are involved in Micro Management and working on Fire Fighting Mode

Robust Internal Controls

In this continuously changing global environment, a business requires robust Internal Controls and Transparent Policies in all the business verticals and domains.

  • Better Controls

  • Reduce Costing

  • Increased Efficiency

  • Better Productivity

  • Increase Revenues

  • Instant Reports

Corporate touring and other expenses are biggest parts of total expenses done by Company to generate sales and profitability. It amounts very big part of total expenses in tours domain.

We have learned that the most important aspect is treated in the most conventional and traditional method which is why the cost is higher and information generation is very slow and tedious.


Conventional vs TravX practices

Conventional Procedure
Prepare monthly plan in the beginning of the month manually Prepare monthly Travel plan on White label internal web/mobile app powered by TravX
Searching of hotels at different locations thru different websites No need to search hotels as TravX has exclusive tie ups with hotels at different locations
Compare the prices and book the hotels Prices are predecided between TravX, Hotels & Company, no need to compare
Actual Travel happens Actual Travel happens with TravX tracking*
Monthend report preparation along with bills All expenses during travel will be entered in app. Which will become part of the live report .
Bills submission with report to accounts department Real time reports which can be checked individually, teamwise and hierarchywise.
Bills verification by Accounts department All bills photos will be taken thru the app, so its not compulsory to keep bills intact.
Report preparation & submission to HR by accounts department Detailed analysis employeewise, team wise available at any point of time.
Analysis report prepared by HR deptt.For every employee, teams and Dept. Real time reports